WESCRAP Testimonials

When we needed to move our printing equipment, WESCRAP was there for us! No damage to the delicate equipment or the building, everything was placed as per our directions. We ALWAYS call WESCRAP for tough (or easy) moves!   -Stan G.
Called WESCRAP to get rid of a number of scrap vehicles, and never had a worry. Sheldon was there to help us remove the items. Great job!   -Bob D.


Scrap forklifts, trucks, cars, heavy machinery, industrial batteries, construction equipment and trailer removal services
WeScrap.ca is professional and FULLY INSURED.
Socket Scrap Metal is one of the top buyers of scrap forklifts, machinery and trucks in the GTA.
Move it or scrap it, WESCRAP can do it!

E-mail: sheldon@wescrap.ca


Telephone: 416-543-3400